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Why Invest in Property?

For many, investing in property is considered a safe and effective way to build capital. Whether you want to secure income for your retirement, take advantage of tax savings or make the most of the equity in your home, property investment can help you build wealth that could last for decades.

Zenith Finance is just the place to arrange your investment finance. We can provide you with all the information you need to equip yourself with when purchasing an investment property.

Zenith Finance is accredited with and can offer many home loan options from major banks and other lending institutions. Our team of experts can help you compare the loans we have to offer and find the right one for your investment plans.

When it comes to investment loans, we are experts. Zenith Finance can also inform you on the other aspects of property investment including rental income, capital growth and negative gearing. While we are specialists, we also advise that you seek independent financial and taxation advice concerning the most appropriate strategy to achieve your financial goals.

Why Choose Zenith?

  • We can calculate whether borrowing against the equity in your existing property is more cost-effective than taking out a personal investment loan
  • We understand the advantages and disadvantages of negative gearing and outline how you could structure your finances to take advantage of its benefits
  • We will work out which of our products is best suited to your investment plan
  • We are able to work at unlocking the equity in your home to finance future investments
  • We can work with your Financial Advisor to make the most of your financial benefits