Office Equipment Finance

Small Business Finance

Are you starting, moving or expanding a business and need to:

  • lease computer and office equipment?
  • furnish your office?
  • fit out a warehouse?

Then you’ll want a flexible, low rate finance plan with maximum tax, GST and depreciation benefits.

At Zenith Finance, we can create the right finance package for your situation and needs. Fast and hassle-free. Call us on 1300 288 874 today.

Office and computer equipment we can finance for you

We can help you buy or lease:

  • laptops
  • desktop PCs
  • printers
  • servers and software
  • photocopiers and faxes
  • phones
  • desks and chairs
  • filing cabinets
  • warehouse shelving
  • security systems
  • and most other office equipment.

Contact the Zenith Finance team in Sydney on 1300 288 874 today to discuss your needs.

We take care of all the non-office politics

Once we understand exactly what you need, we contact and grill banks and other lenders to negotiate the best interest rate on your behalf. Then we walk you through our different finance products in straightforward language explaining:

  • the various tax, GST and depreciation advantages
  • what happens when you want to upgrade
  • how much you’ll pay over different length terms
  • the flexible payment options available

You choose the one that works best for you – and leave all the leg and paper work to us.

Like to discuss financing for your computer and office equipment?

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Or learn more about the different office and computer financing packages you can choose from: