How to network with local business owners

Making a few good local business connections can go a long way helping your business grow. Networking can spark mutually beneficial partnerships, lead to new opportunities, and attract more customers through word of mouth. In the age of social media, small business owners may think networking isn’t as valuable as it used to be. On the contrary, it’s just as

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How much money do you need when starting a business?

Many people underestimate start-up costs and start their business on the back foot financially. This can mean a long crawl up to your break even point and into profitability. Quite often it results in the business never making a profit at all. What you need to do is prepare an estimate of capital costs you will incur on start up.

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What does the new bank levy mean for you when getting a loan?

One of the most surprising twists of the new budget announced this year, was the new tax levy that will affect the top four banks – Westpac, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth and ANZ. The tax has been introduced to reassure a widespread community concern about banks behaviour and help the Government deliver on other promises in the budget. The tax

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RBA keeps rates on hold at 1.50%

The broad-based pick-up in the global economy is continuing. Labour markets have tightened further in many countries and forecasts for global growth have been revised up since last year. Above-trend growth is expected in a number of advanced economies, although uncertainties remain. For full announcement click

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How the new budget can help you in the property market

It’s no secret that the housing market in Australia by many would be described as un-affordable, particularly in populated parts of Sydney and now Melbourne. Buyers who are looking at property close to the CBD are now expecting prices in excess of $1m, and finding it increasing difficult to come up with the deposit or security that traditional banks require

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