Loan Options

Types of business loans we can tailor to your needs

At Zenith Finance, you can choose from a range loan types to finance your business equipment and commercial vehicle purchase or lease. We’ll listen, discuss things like payment plans, tax and GST benefits and then use one of these loan types create a finance package that really works for you.

Commercial hire purchase

We purchase the equipment or vehicle on your behalf. When your contract term is finished you own the equipment or vehicle. Great for all types of equipment and vehicles.

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Chattel mortgage

We give you the money up front. When your contract term ends, the mortgage title is yours. Great for machinery, vehicles, IT and construction equipment.

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Finance lease

We purchase the equipment or vehicle on your behalf. Then we hire it out to you over a contracted time frame. Great for vehicles, industrial and earthmoving equipment.

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Operating lease

Also like renting out equipment over a set period. A finance option that works well for office equipment that depreciates quickly, has a short life span or needs upgrading.

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