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Beaty and Beast

From beauty to beasts – what kind of business equipment can Zenith finance for you? 21 Ju

When most people see or hear the words “business equipment financing” or “business equipment brokers”, they think about things like trucks, cars, forklifts and construction equipment.

But they’re just the tip of the iceberg, as a new Zenith client recently discovered.

Lights, camera, action…

Robert got in touch with us from a TV and film production company. They were desperately trying get finance for a new $220,000 camera to shoot ads and movies and wondered if we knew of a company that offered TV and film production equipment finance.

He was quite surprised – and very relieved – to hear that we do.

I explained to him that one of the reasons we offer a range of finance options – commercial hire purchases, chattel mortgages, finance leases and operating leases is so we can look at just about any type of equipment need, client situation, budget, etc and come up with a selection of smart finance packages to choose from.

6 other examples of less-usual equipment we’ve recently financed

To give you an idea of the range of equipment we can finance, here are six that we’ve helped clients buy of late. From beauty salon technology to excavating machine beasts they’re an eclectic bunch if we ever saw one:

Shrink wrap machine
Think Glad Wrapping on 1970s East German Olympian steroids. This $22,000 was purchased by a logistics company that need to wrap pallet loads of product.

Trenching machine
A company that specialised in laying pipes used to carry water needed $1.7 million to buy a machine that can do the job of two excavators at twice the speed and accuracy.

Car parts carousel
A very clever piece of equipment purchased by a car parts supplier. The carousel has hundreds of compartments that can store something as small as a screw. The operator calls up the part required on computer.

Cool rooms
One of the major supermarket chains needed $450,000 to install a new cool room to store meat and other goods. The price was to construct the room and include shelving, etc

Beauty equipment
” What Price Beauty?” goes the saying. For a beauty salon that does minor cosmetic surgical procedures the answer was a $66,000 skin tightening machine.

Marble & granite – edge stone polishing machine
A company that supplies marble and granite to the public needed $275,000 financing to purchase a machine that cuts stone slabs to size for benchtops, floors, etc.

Not to mention…
Office and surgery fitouts, whole mezzanine levels, bakery equipment, garbage trucks, plumbing systems, ultrasound machines and more.

Perennial favourites such as cars, heavy vehicles and construction/industrial/ medical equipment are always going to be the most commonly financed products.

But as you can see, we can really help you buy or lease almost any business equipment imaginable, provided it’s viable – and legal!

So if you need some help acquiring the type of equipment people don’t hear about every day, feel free to get in touch with us for a chat